Do you have a Facebook page and don't know how to take advantage of it or how to get your fans to click through your social media posts and onto your website?  Below are some tips to effectively utilize Facebook as a quality traffic source for your business. 
Driving traffic to your blog is essential and quality Facebook traffic is important to your website. Use the right strategies and this will make a big difference in your business. IMAGES First, make sure each of your posts has images. Images make your content shareable and appealing. Facebook posts that include images have 120% more commitment than those without photos. Make sure the images you choose match the image you want your fans to perceive. But also, make sure your images stand out.
  • Upload full-size images in some of your Facebook blog updates.
  • Make sure your images are visually appealing and stand out.
  • Analyze what kind of messages work best for your audience and repeat them.
  • Know Your Audience
  • How do you know what your audience wants? Are you asking them what they want?
HEADLINES When writing an entry for your profile your headlines should be amazing, but sometimes it's hard to create them. Find tools that allow you to create incredible headlines that your audience will love. CREATE CONTENT TO SHARE How do you make a post that people really share? First, create fresh, quality content all the time. Ideally, publish something new on your site once or twice a week. Now, once you have a great entry on your profile, you need to make sure your audience can share it. One of the most important things you can do here is add a Facebook share button to your blog. Otherwise, how can people share your blog posts if you don't have a share button on your blog? Most likely, people will share the messages they find useful. So, if you're sure you offer quality content, you can always ask your audience to share some of your messages. You might say something like, "Did you find this article helpful? Please share it with your friends" or "Help a friend by sharing this article". OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE There are many things you can do to post a link on Facebook on your website. It's best to upload a large image on Facebook and then create a little or a shortened url to your post. To attract more traffic to your website, make sure you have links to your website on your Facebook page and descriptions of your cover photos and profile. You can also add milestones with links to their products or services on their website. ADVERTISE Facebook advertising is not really expensive and is a good option if you have a target audience. Facebook's algorithm is constantly changing and makes it increasingly difficult to increase organic reach. Basically, you reach 2% of your audience organically, and this number will continue to decline. This means that if you have a Facebook page with 500,000 fans, you will only organically reach 10,000. This number will be lower each year as Facebook is giving priority to the Fanpages that are advertised. If you have a budget, Facebook is a good way to advertise and get targeted traffic. In order to get more clicks to your website, make sure you are choosing the right audience to target in your ads. This is extremely important. MAKE A WEEKLY SUMMARY Every Friday or Sunday we recommend you make a weekly summary in Facebook compiling the best articles of the week. You can also write a blog post about the best articles. This is a great update for your fans and will allow you to have more visibility.
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