In this post, we present the two best software in the billing and accounting cloud that you currently have at your disposal to connect to a Shopify store.

Thanks to these tools you will be able to create invoices per client, unifying all your online sales channels - Shopify, Amazon, physical sales, etc. As well as manage all your costs, control bank accounts or give access to your advisor.

Our two favorite tools for this are:


Holded goes beyond a "simple" accounting and billing program. It is a complete ERP and CRM, although it is true that you can only use it for billing and accounting.

Apart from its connection with Shopify, we like this software because it has a feature that connects your Holded account with your manager's A3 Software account. A3 Software is the most used accounting software by managers in Spain.


This software is mainly focused on accounting and invoicing.

With ANFIX, you will be able to see all your order invoices in Shopify directly in your ANFIX account and you will be able to send them easily to your customers.

You will also be able to manage tickets and other expenses related to your business, control your banks, etc. 

I trust that these tools will help you to be more efficient and be able to automate some of your billing and accounting tasks.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment.

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