With Amazon Prime, we’ve become accustomed to instant gratification and fast shipping timeframes. Everything is readily available at the drop of a hat and 2020 definitely has pressed on the skip forward button when it comes to eCommerce. Confined to their homes, consumers shopped online as a necessity in 2020—a condition that will likely boost e-commerce activity for years to come.  It is expected that e-commerce will grow an additional 12.5% in Canada in 2021. 

According to a recent CIBC study,  68% of Canadian business owners continue to feel the negative impacts of COVID-19. Business owners have employed several strategies to continue operating. 30% have increased their virtual presence while a further 16% pivoted their business to operate completely online.[i] 

Now, with COVID-19 rules and volatile regulation, the eCommerce world is steadily unpredictable and businesses are not sure how to proceed with their dealings. They are also incurring huge losses with lockdowns; these businesses are supposedly allowed to “re-open” but the rules keep changing constantly so merchants are in uncharted territories.  

One thing is for sure, faster shipping is here to stay. Consumers are only increasingly expecting the same level of service but shipping companies cannot simply keep up with the demands and are offering similar services to Prime at a premium which isn’t fair to merchants and consumers alike. 

Recently, merchants have been flocking to Shippie. Shippie provides the solution for all merchants in the GTA providing same-day delivery and supporting merchants to forge that returning customer base with reliability - and surprisingly at a price lower than standard pricing to traditional shipping companies. 

Shippie has emerged, an innovative and fast-growing tech startup, aiming to provide solutions as fast as same-day and next-day delivery in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), for all merchants and local businesses. They provide automation and integrations with the biggest e-commerce platforms in the industry. 

Here are some pain points that merchants experience constantly with current shipping companies and how Shippie can help. 

 Issue #1  - No reliability from shipping companies

While bigger shipping companies are still delivering, there is absolutely no reliability in their deliveries nor do they provide a level of service that is up to par with their mission and values. Consumers and merchants are experiencing issues like product theft and loss, and unclear delivery times. Shippie solves this using proprietary technologies allowing them to deliver faster than the competition and keep up with Amazon Prime with timely accuracy.  With same-day delivery options, their network of drivers and easy-to-use software allows the best in class efficiency when it comes to delivery.

Issue #2 - Fast Shipping is coming with a premium price

Even if shipping companies like Canada Post, Purolator, and Amazon can provide 1-2 business day delivery, it does come at a higher price point for merchants. The premium pricing during these uncertain times feels like extra pressure for merchants to pay more to get their products to their clients. Thanks to Shippie reducing wait times and fair pricing, merchants and their customers are relieved of unnecessary prices. More merchants are finding they have more funds to do the things they want. 

Issue #3 - There is no accountability from shipping companies

The customer base of most merchants includes a mix of online and brick-and-mortar shoppers. As these customers now expect 2 day delivery as the standard and appreciate same-day delivery, it can be challenging for smaller retailers to keep up with the demand. Many of the current features of traditional shipping companies don’t accommodate small merchants the same as large businesses. Additionally, Shipping companies don’t take accountability when things go wrong, which affects merchants and the relationship they’re trying to build with their clientele. They can’t easily be reached and when they do, they regrettably do not take accountability for their drivers. Shippie is an attractive option for all types of businesses as they are committed to building a great relationship with merchants and their customers. An increased number of customers have voiced they are willing to be repeat purchasers if they know their packages will arrive on time whenever they make a purchase!

Shipping companies have been unreliable for a long time. And the problem is only getting worse with more and more people relying on eCommerce to buy what they need in their daily lives. It’s not that these shipping providers don’t want to do well, it just doesn’t seem like anyone can find reliable service at an affordable price. If any of this sounds like you, Shippie might be for you. To learn more about Shippie, click here or on the logo below. 

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