In this post, we discuss strategies to increase brand awareness with little money.  It should be noted that these strategies work well and are still used by brands that have large marketing budgets.


Creating valuable content for your customers through a good content strategy in your blog is one of the best actions you can carry out to make your brand known.  Blogging can yield amazing results if you have a strong knowledge of SEO.  Once your blog content ranks high in Google for relevant search terms, you can generate quality traffic to your site for many years.

It should be emphasized that the content must be informative, valuable, and generates curiosity or answers questions that your readers have.


Content creation doesn't start when you start writing the article. It begins in the research phase of the topic you choose to write about. Your research should find the preferences of your readers and what content they would find valuable.

What topics make them curious and gives them value and information they can apply to improve their lives or grow their business? Are you generating valuable content or just producing filler content?

When writing your content try to create a story. Your readers will stay hooked if the story is interesting and the article is easy to read and is enjoyable.

Always avoid writing large paragraphs. It is better to create short sentences that are straight to the point and connect the story in a simple and natural way. Use visual tools throughout your article to create visual pauses and help your story take shape. You can do this with videos, gifs, or images.


You will have to promote and publicize your brand and content in different ways. You can have content full of value and relevant information for your readers, but if you don't put it in front of them, nobody will find it and they won't be able to benefit from your experience and knowledge.

One of the best ways to do this is to promote your content on different social networking channels. It is recommended that your blog be the source of valuable content for your clients and followers and that you use social networks as your communication channels in which you will put that information in front of thousands of more people.

Your social network channels can send interested readers back to your blog where they can consume your content, learn more about your company and have the opportunity to subscribe to your mailing list.


Content creation is constant work that never ends. And as such, there will be content that after some time, you can convert to another format.  For example, you can gather information from different articles and convert them into a small eBook that will serve to encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog in exchange for this eBook that will offer them value.

There is also information that can evolve from text to audio through a podcast channel. There are always people who prefer audio content, usually because it is very easy to consume when people are traveling or exercising.

Having your blog has great benefits especially in terms of SEO and helps you to better position your site in search engines. Google considers and gives a better position to the web pages that create and offer valuable content.

This is why many websites implement this strategy and maintain it constantly. Consider doing the same with your site, because, in the medium and long term, it has wonderful results for the growth of your business.


An excellent strategy to make your brand known on the internet is to publish as a guest on a blog, which has many benefits.

If you know a well-known blog, you can offer to publish valuable information that you can leverage to show your experience and knowledge before hundreds or thousands of loyal readers of that blog.

Consequently, you will get traffic to your blog, a better positioning thanks to SEO that will generate from the article and make your brand known on the internet. All these benefits inevitably translate into more and better opportunities to collect subscribers, generate new customers, and increase your sales.

Since you don't own that blog, you don't need to worry about publishing content several times a week, promoting that content on social networks, or growing that list of subscribers.

All that work is the responsibility of the owner of the blog and you have an opportunity to take advantage of their following and show your knowledge and generate value.

Now, it is important to mention that being a guest writer of a blog is a process that can be difficult because the owner of the blog will not let anyone publish content that is not up to what they consider right for their audience.

Because of this, most blogs will have important requirements that you must meet. A proper investigation of your topic will be the first step, and you must generate entertaining content, focused on informing and helping their audience and generating value.

If you meet all the requirements of the blog owner that you want to be a guest writer, there will be a good chance you will be approved for a guest post.  This will increase your credibility as an expert on your subject and you will receive the benefits of promoting your brand.

As you can see, these strategies do not require money to help you make your brand known on the internet. They are strategies that require discipline, time, and work, but they are very powerful.

In an upcoming article, we'll give you information on more strategies you can use with a tight marketing budget.

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