Shopify is gearing up for a great second half of 2020, with its ever-changing growing platform designed to ebb and flow with all of the changes 2020 and its main pinpoint, COVID-19 have brought to the forefront. Businesses like brick and mortar stores, to grocery stores are now jumping on the eCommerce wave as it is requiring them to find alternative ways to bring their products to the masses. As Harley Finkelstein said it best in the latest Shopify Partner Town hall, “The state of the world has brought 2030 to 2020”, bringing new and innovative ways that wouldn’t have been possible, had life resumed its original course when the new year rang. 

We know Shopify announced both Facebook Shop,  a new shopping experience that allows merchants to build a simple, branded version of their online store within Facebook and Instagram, syncing right from Shopify and its partnership with Walmart in the last month, where merchants will be able to sell directly on, bringing a whole new set of foot traffic to their products and that’s not all! Shopify continues to push the lever of greatness further and further with each new update they provide, ensuring that it is for the benefit of the merchants that use their platform.


Fatima Yusuf, head of the Shopify Strategic Partnerships, confirmed a new update that would benefit most online stores when it comes to getting a high-speed functioning site with a great conversion rate. Introducing the “Online store performance dashboard” beta testing. This summer, Shopify will be releasing a performance dashboard, targeted at technical users and accessible through the merchant admin, to provide insight into how various actions—such as theme code customizations and app installations—impact their store’s speed. 

This would mean that that you’d be able to see how any changes you make to the Liquid code of your site or any app installations, directly affects the store in question. This feature is available to Shopify Partners, merchants with tech knowledge or developers with a client’s list. This will help you and your potential clients understand the tradeoffs that sometimes need to be made between speed and experiences, such as when an app slows down a storefront but leads to increased conversion. It will also give you access to information like performance metrics over time, which will help you make data-driven decisions around performance.

A beta of the dashboard will be available soon. By signing up, you’ll get an early look and an opportunity to provide feedback on the dashboard to see if this is something worth bringing forth for merchants and developers. To sign up, you can click here

A few other things that Shopify will be bringing on board are the following:

Storefront sign maker: Merchants, who own brick and mortar stores can now easily make custom signage for their storefronts to provide their customer base with constant, up-to-date information.

Manual credit card entry: Merchants can now accept credit card payments for draft orders without needing to email an invoice. 

We have no doubt that Shopify will continue to expand in ways that will impress the market and vendors alike. To see how we can best implement Shopify’s great updates of 2020 on your eCommerce business, some great updates previously spoken about here, click on our Contact Us form and we’ll be happy to get you started on your Shopify store.


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