Sometimes fulfilling your orders can be a disaster.  Lost packages, failed orders, and delayed deliveries can be a major headache. 

But, you can improve this.

Before making your first shipment, there are a lot of variables you should consider.  When creating your shipping logistics you should know that after the packages arrive there may be extra costs (it is important to account for this.  After all, you are the business owner and your responsibilities do not end with just selling the product.  You must ensure that it reaches the hands of your client. We will try to help you get around those possible problems

  • Can I send my products internationally?

Do not enclose your business locally.  If you offer international shipments it is very likely that you will increase your sales.  International shipping may seem like a challenge at first, from dealing with other companies and taxes to possible merchandise losses.  Although it seems difficult, international shipping is easy to understand.

International shipments vary depending on the size and weight of the packaging, country of origin, country of destination, insurance, and others.  The duties and taxes also vary depending on the product you sell.  Most major courier services offer online calculators to give you an accurate idea of ​​the cost of international shipping through your company.  Using a tax calculator can help you get a better idea of ​​the cost and final shipping time.  It also allows you to add a table with this information so that customers can know the final cost before completing the purchase.

  • How to correctly package my items

This depends on the type of items you sell.  It may not be useful to simply make a shipment from the post office.  If it is very large or heavy, different forms of packing or transfer may be required.  It should be noted that it is important that you correctly comply with packaging rules.  Failing to do this can result in a disaster.  If your product breaks it is very likely that your customer will leave a negative review of your business.  Select a durable package: the more professional and better quality the packaging you use, more buyers will be satisfied.

  • How can I keep my shipping costs low?

To provide a correct shipping method it is also important to select one that does not affect your budget as an e-commerce company. 

Compare what each company offers you.  You may find it better to choose a company for national shipments and another for international shipments.  Of course, you must confirm that they are of good quality. 

Take advantage of the packaging of the shipping company.  If your products are not very large and heavy, you can save a little using the packaging service of the company that you made the shipments. 

Invest in a flat shipping rate.  Some of the main shipping and packaging services provide a flat rate based on the distance of a package and its destination.  If your business constantly sends packages to certain places, a flat rate may be an option worth considering.

  • How to communicate with suppliers

It is important as a business owner to be in contact with your suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best quality and shipping.  Although it may be scary to communicate with a person you don't know, and who probably speaks another language and lives in another country, you must take the step forward to get the best quality raw material for your products. 

  • How to replace damaged or lost products

During the shipping process, sometimes things happen that are completely out of your control. 

Your package probably does not reach its destination or arrives in unfavorable conditions. 

On these occasions, you should always have a stable communication with the affected buyer because how you solve the situation will determine if the buyer turns into a repeat customer or not.  Issues such as damaged products and lost items are the worst scenarios, but they are more common than you think.  This is where your customer service and the decisions you made earlier come into play.  If you chose a large shipping company and the shipment was insured, you may solve the problem before you know it.  So always keep in mind that shipping insurance can save you time and money.

  • How to manage backorders and inventory problems

Although at the time of creating your online store, it is likely that you would like it to be an immediate success since you would see profits faster than you thought.  Rapid success has its drawbacks as well. 

You do not want your store to over-sell and run out of inventory to ship to customers.  Your inventory and shipping plan should be as stable as possible.  The best wat to ensure that your online store does not run out of stock is to use tools that notify you that a product is about to run out, so you will have time to order more and your customers can always get it.  There are other tools that will notify customers that a product is about to run out, such as a countdown timer, which can also make them buy for fear of missing out.

What are you currently implementing in your online business to improve shipping time and quality?  Comment below and let us know! 

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