It’s 2021! Welcome to a new year of growth opportunities for your brand and new goals to reach for. While last year might have been a little turbulent worldwide, the world of eCommerce has shifted and we’re thrilled to bring you, of course, any eCommerce updates, as well as new content, new services and so much more to come! 

To start us off on a great note for 2021, Fiverr, one of our partners, has named us in their “Gear Up For Growth” e-book in their segment on how to Strengthen Your E-Commerce Presence. We’re so excited to be featured on there as a featured seller, to help new business owners to bring their brand to the digital world. 

According to Fiverr Research, by mid-April 2020, U.S. retailers already saw a 68% year-over-year increase in online revenue. Online retail orders had increased by 146% around the same time. U.S. consumers spent $21.7 billion online during the first 10 days of the holiday shopping season — a 21% increase year-over-year as more and more consumers are going online. 

A well-designed online store can boost your sales and turn one-time customers into repeat shoppers. A strong presence in the most popular marketplaces can expose your brand to millions of potential new customers. Think of it as your first impression you’ll be leaving on your consumer base; you want it to be inviting and user-friendly. Startup Slang can help you with creating a new well-designed storefront or updating your current one but first, let’s explore why a well-designed strong online store can help you grow your business stronger. 


Design can make or break your consumer’s first impression  


We all know first impressions are everything so when you are designing a website, you have to keep in mind, not only the user experience you’d like for them to have which we’ll cover in the next point, but the overall look of the site in its entirety. Plainly put, your design has to appeal to the type of consumers you’d like to attract. If your site is unappealing or worse, outdated, a rebranding might be exactly what can shift your consumer base from visitors to full-fledge clients. 

Pro tip: Run heat mapping tools on your website to see where your client base is clicking off on your site to see where you can make optimizations in design. 


Design can affect your SEO, your brand voice and more

So most people think that design is only front-facing but in reality, design can affect many other aspects of your storefront such as your SEO, your brand voice, product showcasing and how easy your store is to use. Certain web design elements can directly affect SEO in and of themselves so ensuring that your coding for your design is SEO-friendly is key. Even the wording you choose in your design can affect how your customer base feels; using the right type of copy is also very important to ensure that your CTA’s (Call-to-actions) are being used to the fullest of their potential. 


Design can improve your conversions 

There is no worse feeling than having an eCommerce website and not being able to get your clients to check out. The conversion rate of your website can depend on a multitude of factors but if there is a bad design involved, that could affect your conversion rate. If your site takes forever to load, is difficult to navigate, or is unappealing, then all these factors would negatively affect the conversion rate of your website. 

As our CEO Damiano Raveenthiran has said in the Fiverr “Gear Up To Growth” e-book, offering an attractive and relevant product to your audience can create a ton of sales opportunities on a regular basis. Combine that with a well-designed store and you can increase your chances of sales opportunities.

Don’t know where to start? We got you covered. Click on Contact Us or the logo below to get in touch with our sales team and get you closer to your entrepreneurial dreams! 



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