New technologies have changed our way of life. We communicate much faster and our buying behavior has nothing to do with that of years ago. These and other facts have allowed the appearance of multiple technological companies. A booming sector that requires quite specialized marketing.


Making our lives more comfortable is the main objective of technology companies. Communication, entertainment or any other daily activity are carried out, nowadays, by means of technology. Mobile phones, computers, the Internet of Things, social networks, and applications, are just a few examples of the intelligent world in which we live.

Technology is, therefore, one of the sectors that has grown the most and in which most competition can be found today. For this reason, it is important to carry out a marketing plan appropriate to this sector. Technology companies need a very different strategy to that of other kinds of business. The constant environment of change in which they live is what makes the difference.


Many technology companies continue to make the mistake of letting their product or service sell itself. Departments cease to have fluid internal communication and chaos begins to take hold.

The technology industry also needs a digital marketing plan to achieve its business goals. In other words, translate into a document what are their goals, actions, resources and timeframes to achieve what they want. This is the only way to put a little order in the whole process.

Another erroneous idea is to continue elaborating obsolete marketing plans and little adapted for the times that run. In order to carry out a good strategy is essential that technology companies:

  • Analyze the clients: after all, it is them to whom you are going to direct all your marketing actions. Therefore, one of the keys to any strategy is to find out how your target audience behaves. What is their routine, how they look for information on the Internet, what topics interest them, how they buy, what their needs are, their age, their sex, etc. That is to say, it is about establishing a buyer person to whom you will direct all your attention. Keep in mind that each marketing action may involve a different customer profile.
  • What do we do with the competition? this is another fundamental point when designing a marketing plan? We can't launch our strategy without first studying our environment, as well as the technology companies that do the same thing you do.  Thanks to this preliminary study you will be able to find out what your weak points are and what your strong points are.  Empower what makes you different so you don't fall into the same thing your competitors do.  What their web page looks like, what they publish on social networks, what promotions they have active, what type of positioning they have... On the Internet you can find several tools that will help you with this analysis.
  • Creativity above all: creativity is something that seems simple, but it is not.  You need to develop a great brainstorm to be able to keep the best of them.  A brainstorming that guides you through moments of creative stagnation.  This working method favors team interaction in order to achieve much more effective solutions.  Also, never forget that the more creative your campaign is, the more effect it will have on your audience.  It's no longer about selling like before, but about attracting your audience so you can show them everything you have for them.
  • SMART Objectives: this is a very effective method for setting realistic, specific, measurable, relevant and programmable objectives over time. If you are clear about where you want to go, you can develop the most appropriate marketing plan for your SMART objectives.
  • Choose the methodology to follow: Inbound marketing in the technology sector works. Its results are much more visible than with other techniques, since technology companies base their activity on complex purchase cycles in which it is necessary to make the customer fall in love. Do not forget to design a conversion funnel through which you can follow the steps of each lead before becoming a customer.
  • Capture: has a multichannel strategy in which you do not forget any of your action tools (social networks, email marketing, blog, etc.). Start defining a specific campaign and create special promotions on any of your products or services. To do this, never forget that content is the king of the Internet. Thanks to it you will be able to carry out multiple marketing actions.
  • It measures results: you always have to measure the results obtained in each campaign. During the campaign and at its end. In this way, we will be able to know our mistakes and mistakes.
  • Finally, you must never forget the loyalty of the customers captured. They are the basis for the success of your business. The loyalty of each of your customers is the key to the future of your company. Pay attention to aspects as relevant as your customer service, technical service, user shopping experience, etc. Reward their loyalty and don't just focus on attracting new customers.
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