Ensuring that your customers have the best user experience is a cocktail of great design and clever development, effective call-to-actions, and a sales funnel that pays, quite literally! A great tactic to turn your visitors into actual paying customers is to have a killer technique for increasing the percentage of your website traffic that makes a purchase, also known as a conversion.

Shopify puts it best - Conversions are a big deal. They’re that great moment when a casual visitor to your store finally buys one of your products. And, on a much smaller scale, conversions are happening all the time leading up to that moment, too.

For instance, a conversion on your homepage might mean having a visitor click through to a product. A conversion on a product page might mean a customer clicking ‘Add to Cart’. Conversions can be entirely dependent on the purpose that a specific part of your website serves.

A good CRO, also known as conversion rate optimization, not only means saving high on your time, money, and efforts but also exploring new growth strategies for your brand. Let’s dive deeper into the world of CRO!

Benefit: CRO can help you with the overall optimization of your site

Setting up heatmaps and running different A/B testing in terms of copy change, different CTAs and more can be some of the experiments you might run in your CRO process. Having an idea of where to check for the areas that grant you great results using tools like Google Analytics is also imperative as you can also use all the data you've collected as a benchmark for your next A/B testing.

Benefit: CRO can enhance (U/X) User Experience

 In today's society, instant gratification is the name of the game and unless you have a very easy site to use and with lesser clicks, you're more likely to lose any of the visitors you've worked so hard in gaining with other marketing campaigns. A good conversion rate campaign should get your customer base's honest experience with your developed site. Knowing where your blind spots from a user's experience is only arming you to get more sales and more customers into repeat customers. 
Benefit: CRO can upgrade your after-sales strategies

One aspect of your marketing strategy should always include follow-up marketing techniques. After a customer has placed an order, there’s still an opportunity to put them back into your purchasing funnel by optimizing your Order Confirmation email to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, link them to content on your blog, or offer them exclusive discounts and promotions for future orders as a token of appreciation.

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