So you've decided to dive into the eCommerce world but don't know where to start? We're here to help! Navigating the basics of eCommerce is already hard enough but when you include the variable of searching for a digital web agency to help establish your business, it can feel overwhelming really fast.

So let's take it back to the basics! What is exactly the purpose of a Digital Web Agency? Well, for any business to make an online presence, building and growing brand awareness is key.

Brand awareness can include anything from a new website build with high-converting designs to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and so much more. The agency you hire should be able to leverage different methods to attract your best clientele and mark your digital imprint in your preferred niche. Investing into an agency is investing into yourself so we'll share with you how to find the right agency for your needs. 



Tip #1: They've learned about you and your business

 When you reach out to a digital web agency and request a meeting, they should be prepared for that meeting by having done research on you and what you're hoping to accomplish for your online business. Nothing provides more confidence than working with an agency that has done their homework and ready to get you started, especially if this is your first foray into an online business. 

Tip #2: They understand your needs

The right agency should not only understand your desired vision for your business but also take into consideration your bottom line when creating their proposal. A good agency will be able to take both your vision and your budget and set your expectations according to both aspects of establishing your business. 



Tip #3: They have industry expertise

The ideal agency will have expertise in all aspects of an online business, while staying up-to-date with current trends and new, innovating ways of operating said business. They should ideally strike a great balance between a mastery of the basics with the right stroke of genius, that will set your business apart from your competitors. 


 Tip #4: They have great references and a portfolio

The right agency will have a credible social presence with client reviews and portfolios at request. There are often many agencies that will promise you a great body of work but will fail, due to their lack of proficiency. Credibility is paramount so look for any red flags in their testimonials or reviews and if you do find some, ask the agency how they've handled unsatisfied clients. Usually, that is a very telling sign and believe us, you want an agency that believes in transparency. 


Tip #5: Their communication style matches yours

There is no greater disappointment than working with an agency that doesn't speak your language, plainly speaking. Having an agency who you actually enjoy working with is super important and communication and understanding is a huge aspect of collaboration. Find an agency that can not only do the job but that you could build a reliable relationship with. 

At Startup Slang, our clients are truly our partners. Our business succeeds when our clients succeed, so encouraging a positive outcome for you and your business is a key part of our plan and ethic. Our approach to both eCommerce development and growth is based on data and cutting edge techniques.

To see how we can help you build your business, feel free to contact us below to get you started! 



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